The Finnish National Agency for Education produces a large number of publications to support provision and development of education and training. In addition, the agency is in charge of publishing learning materials for subjects or fields that are small in volume. The Finnish National Agency for Education also publishes a number of brochures and leaflets for international use.

A more extensive collection of publications is available in Finnish and Swedish.

Core Curricula and Qualification Requirements

You can find information on national core curricula and qualification requirements on our website in the section dedicated specifically to the subject:

The renewed national core curricula for early childhood and care, pre-primary, basic and general upper secondary education have been published in English. You can purchase printed copies of the publications on our online bookstore and digital copies from

Name Year
A Framework for Evaluating Educational Outcomes in Finland1999
A Good School Library2006
A Model of Adaptation to a Distributed Learning Environment1999
Accreditation Model for Study Programmes in Hotel and Restaurant Services2006
Assessing Learning-to-Learn A Framework2002
Changing school management2012
Competence framework for VET professions2009
Competence Map for Workplace Instructors2014
Competence-based Qualification Guide2013
Competence-based Qualifications 1st January 20062006
Competence-based Qualifications 1st January 20072007
Competence-based Qualifications 1st January 20082008
Competences and skills needs in services for the elderly2015
Cooperation between schools and businesses including marketing and sponsorship2004
Curricula for Sign Language as a Mother Tongue Written language as a Second Language for the Deaf2006
Education, training and demand for labour in Finland by 20202009
Education, training and demand for labour in Finland by 20252012
E-learning Nordic 2006 - Impact of ICT on education2006
European trends in anticipation of teacher training needs - Summary of answers of the Eurydice network2000
Evaluation and Outcomes in Finland, Main Results in 1995-20022002
Evaluation of Educational Guidance and Counselling in Finland 2003
Evaluation of the Equal Opportunities in the Finnish Comprehensive Schools 1998–20012002
Finecvet as a pioneer 2012
Finland's hard-working and confident experts abroad!2017
Futures Education2007
Guide for the Implementation of Vocational Teachers' Work Placement Periods2014
Guide on Implementing Workplace Instructor Training2014
Higher Education Cooperation with Russia 2017
Higher Education in the People's Republic of China2007
Immigrant education in liberal adult education institutions 20102012
Increasing the quality and effectiveness of the management of internationalisation. The present state of the internationalisation processes of vocational education in Finland.2009
Inspiring and Strengthening the Competence-based Approach in all VET in Finland2015
International comparisons of some features of Finnish education and training 20102011
International comparisons of some features of Finnish education and training 20112012
International Competencies Provided by Forestry Education in Finland2011
International survey on educational leadership2012
Key Figures on Apprenticeship Training in Finland2016
Key Figures on Early Childhood and Basic Education in Finland2015
Language/Communication Skills in Industry and Business - Report for Prolang/Finland1999
Learning in, about and for development partnerships2015
More quality to the quality policy of education2000
National evaluation data based on vocational skills demonstrations2006
National Report on Finnish Piloting of The Learning Objects2004
ON-THE-JOB Learning in Finland2002
Performance indicator for initial vocational education and training in Finland 20112011
Physical activity and learning2012
Quality management of apprenticeship training2003
Quality Management Recommendation for Vocational Education and Training2008
Report on competences and skills needs in the games industry2016
Schools reaching out to a global world2011
Strategy for Education and Training for Sustainable Development2006
Strength from International Cooperation2014
Student Smoking and Health Education in Vocational Institutions and Senior Secondary Schools2000
Summary of four national assessments of mathematics learning in the 9th grade of basic education, 1998–2004 2004
Sustainable Development in Schools and Educational Institutions?2001
The Competent Teacher 2010−20202010
The implications of using skills tests as basis for a national evaluation system in Finland2006
The school of opportunities2011
Thematic approaches to equality and equity in basic education2008
Toolkit for Portfolio Work1998
Training for Workplace instructors, 3 credits2013
WBL-TOI Manual2010