International co-operation

ENIC and NARIC networks

The Finnish National Agency for Education represents Finland in the ENIC and NARIC information exchange networks. The ENIC/NARIC networks aim to promote availability of information on higher education systems and higher education degrees and inform on recognition of foreign education and good practice.

Lisbon Recognition Convention for academic recognition

The Convention on the Recognition of Qualifications concerning Higher Education in the European Region, the so called Lisbon Recognition Convention, is in force in Finland.

The Convention promotes academic mobility by facilitating students’ access to further studies and credit transfers between higher education institutions in countries that have ratified the convention. Furthermore, the Convention aims at improving the recognition procedures and transparency of the assessment criteria.

As appendices to the Convention, for instance recommendations on good practices such as Criteria and Procedures for the Assessment on Foreign Qualifications, Code of Good Practice in the Provision of Trans-national Education and Recommendation on the Recognition of Joint Degrees and Recommendation on the Recognition of Qualifications held by Refugees have been accepted.

The Convention is in force in several countries. In Finland universities and universities of applied sciences, the National Defence University and the Åland University of Applied Sciences are covered by the Convention.

Professional Qualifications Directive

The Finnish National Agency for Education functions as the Finnish national assistance centre for the recognition of professional qualifications.

European Qualifications Framework

The Finnish National Agency for Education is the National Co-ordination Centre for the European Qualifications Framework (EQF).


Europass is an open system developed by the European Commission to help learners and workers to prove their skills in the labour market and for education and training purposes. Europass brings together five documents (Europass CV, Language Passport, Mobility, Certificate Supplement and Diploma Supplement), which are used in the same format in all EU/EEA Member States and which have been developed to facilitate the mobility of both learners and workers throughout Europe.

  • Europass (The Finnish National Europass Centre at the Finnish National Agency for Education)