Culture sub-programme

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The Culture sub-programme aimed at the cultural and creative sectors supports i.a. European cooperation projects and European networks and forums.

In Finland, The Finnish National Agency for Education (EDUFI) acts as the Creative Europe Desk for the Culture sub-programme. You will find more information on the support forms available on our website, and the programme specialists will be happy to tell you more about the opportunities!

Media sub-programme

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The Media sub-programme is aimed at the audiovisual sector. Support is granted to the film and television sector, distributors, festivals, the game industry, and education and training.

Media sub-programme’s Creative Europe Desk operates at the Finnish Film Foundation. The website and the programme specialists will provide more information and advice on applying for grants.

Cross-sectoral strand

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The Cross-sectoral strand supports innovative multisectoral projects and news media.

The Creative Innovation Lab projects are aimed at increasing cooperation in the cultural and audiovisual sectors and their societal impact through the use of new digital opportunities.

Support is granted to news media for the promotion of media literacy, quality journalism, media freedom and pluralism.

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All Creative Europe calls are published in the Funding & Tender Opportunities portal, which is the single entry point for all centrally managed EU programmes. All the open calls can be found from the portal.
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