Europass helps students and employees present their knowledge and skills in a way that is easy to understand.

Europass helps students and employees present their skills in an understandable way. Europass aims to help citizens show their competence in an easily understandable way throughout Europe. With Europass, you have the following tools to support your progress and career plans:


Europass profile

You can save information about your skills, accomplishments, and former experience in your Europass profile. You can add information about your work experience, education, languages, and other skills.

Create your own Europass profile here.


Europass CV

You can create one or multiple CVs based on your Europass profile with just a few clicks or you can create a CV from scratch using a common European online tool.

Compose a new Europass CV or update your CV with the online editor here.

Europass cover letter

Europass provides step-by step guidance on how to write a good cover letter with all the essential information. You can create, save, and share cover letters in 29 languages, and there are different templates to choose from. You can easily share your cover letter via Europass.


Certificates and attachments

To ensure that your competence will be recognized when applying for a job or a study place abroad, you need to provide certificates with attachments. Depending on your situation, you need either a mobility certificate, an academic certificate, or a vocational certificate and attachments.

More information about certificates and attachments here.

In addition to documents, Europass provides an opportunity to find jobs, courses and volunteer work based on your interests.


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