The Finnish vocational education and training (VET) system is flexible and offers individual opportunities for young people and adults who have fled the war in Ukraine to Finland. This page provides information about vocational education and training opportunities and support for studying.
Opettaja ohjeistaa opiskelijoita tabletti kädessä.

Those who have fled Ukraine can apply for temporary protection. For more information on the principles governing Ukrainians’ entry into Finland, see the websites of the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Education and Culture and the Finnish Immigration Service.

Persons receiving temporary protection can apply for a municipality of residence from the Digital and Population Data Services Agency when they have lived in Finland for at least one year and have a residence permit for temporary protection that is valid for at least one year. They can choose their new municipality of residence themselves, which may affect the need for services in the municipalities.

Prospective students are free to apply for VET places, and no particular nationality or residence status in Finland is required for this. There are also no restrictions to applying for a place in preparatory education for programmes leading to an upper secondary qualification (TUVA). Admission decisions are made by the education provider after assessing if the applicant's conditions enable the successful completion of studies.

The Finnish vocational education and training system is flexible and offers opportunities to progress individually in the studies. VET can also be organised in the workplace in connection with practical tasks under a training agreement or as apprenticeship training. In training based on a training agreement, the student learns skills by performing practical tasks in the workplace but does not have an employment relationship with the employer. Apprenticeship training, on the other hand, is based on a written fixed-term employment contract between a student aged 15 or over and the employer. If a person receiving temporary protection applies for a place in VET, they could also complete it under a training or apprenticeship agreement if the conditions for these forms of training are otherwise met.

The municipality shall inform of the right to education and to tell about the services provided and how they can be accessed.