The Finnish education system is flexible and offers individual study opportunities to adults who have fled the war in Ukraine. As a rule, prospective students are free to apply to education programmes, and no particular nationality or residence status in Finland is required for this. Resourcing and service coordination have been carried out in municipalities to initiate the learning and education of adults, and operating models for this have been ready.
Opettajat ja neljä aikuista opiskelijaa istuvat pöydän ääressä ja opettaja ohjaa tehtävää, jota opiskelijat tekevät.

Those who have fled Ukraine can apply for temporary protection in Finland. More information about matters concerning temporary protection is available on the website of the Finnish Immigration Service. When a person receiving temporary protection has resided in Finland for at least a year and their residence permit has been extended, the person can apply for a municipality of residence from the Digital and Population Data Services Agency. The person can themselves choose a new municipality of residence, which may affect the need for services in the municipality. The municipality must inform the person about the right to education and provide information about the municipality’s services and how to seek them.

Liberal adult education

An adult can also apply to a study programme in liberal adult education. If an integration plan is drawn up for the person by the municipality or the TE Office and a Finnish or Swedish language course for immigrants organised in liberal adult education is accepted as part of it, the course is free and the provider of the educational institution receives a government transfer to local government as funding for 100 per cent of the course. A municipality may draw up an integration plan for the person at this person's request and if the municipality considers that the person needs it.

Education in liberal adult education is otherwise subject to a fee. A person within the scope of temporary protection is not entitled to education vouchers aimed at lowering the student fees in liberal adult education. Those granted a right to a municipality of residence are entitled to education vouchers aimed at lowering the student fees in liberal adult education.