Certificate supplement is intended for international use to give information about the degree and professional competences.

The Europass Certificate Supplement helps the employer or the educational institution abroad to evaluate the professional competence and skills of the qualification holder. The supplement provides information on:

  • the content of the studies and the vocational skills provided by them
  • the level of the qualification and the method of completing it
  • the professional qualification and vocational skills produced by the vocational qualification  
  • eligibility for further studies.

The Europass Certificate Supplement can be used by holders of certificates for vocational qualifications. The supplement is used together with the certificate.

There is a separate supplement for each qualification. 

You will get the Europass Certificate Supplement from your own vocational education trainin (VET) institution once you have completed your qualification. VET institutions have the obligation to provide the supplement on request.

Those who have completed their qualification according to the qualification requirements that entered into force on 1 August 2018 can also print the supplement on the eRequirements website from Studyinfo.