The key task of transversal competences is to provide an integrative element to the general upper secondary studies. The areas of transversal competences comprise the common objectives of the general upper secondary school subjects (NCC2019).

The new Act of Upper Secondary Education set an aim to organize interdisciplinary studies and broader study modules, so that students can develop their transversal skills during upper secondary education (HE 41/2018). Transversal competence then became a central reform within the general upper secondary national core curriculum of 2019, defining study subjects’ common objectives.

Transversal competence is a descriptor and an interpretation of the structure of values, attitudes, skills and will, behind general upper secondary education. These elements are behind the objectives of general upper secondary education; wherein students should reach the abilities and the will to work toward the well-being of their own, and their communities’ sustainably, and through life’s challenges.

Listen to teaching counsellors Paula Mattila and Petri Lehikoinen discussing the transversal competences in the new national core curriculum for general upper secondary education with Anna Masanti. 

Anna Masanti, Paula Mattila and Petri Lehikoinen discuss transversal competences in the new national core curriculum.