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Education development and internationalisation

The Finnish National Agency for Education (EDUFI) produces information, provides support, and allocates state subsidies and EU funding for education development and internationalisation.

Information, support and development funding

EDUFI promotes the development of education and the internationalisation of Finnish society.

We support development, experimental and start-up projects in education with government subsidies and advance the internationalisation of Finnish society by coordinating international traineeship, exchange and scholarship programmes.

We are responsible for implementing and providing information about the European Union's programmes in our field in Finland. 

EDUFI is a part of several international information sharing networks that produce information about, for example, education and youth work in different countries.

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Support for the internationalisation of higher education

We support international cooperation between institutions of higher education through different nationally and internationally financed funding programmes.

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International competences and working life

In today's working life, it is important to learn to identify and utilise your international competences, some of which can be hidden even from yourself!

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Finnish language and culture studies in foreign universities

We offer support for universities providing teaching in Finnish language and culture as well as for teachers and students wishing to teach or study Finnish language and culture abroad, and organise summer courses on Finnish language and culture in Finland for students from foreign universities.

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Scholarship programmes for Doctoral-level studies and research in Finland

We offer scholarships for foreign Doctoral level students to be invited to Finland. On these pages you will find more information about the EDUFI Fellowship, EDUFI Winter School and the Finnish Government Scholarship Pool.