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Education, international programmes and the Russian attack on Ukraine

Information and instructions during the Russian attack on Ukraine.

The Finnish National Agency for Education supports schools, educational institutions and early childhood education providers during Russia's attack on Ukraine. We also provide information and support for organizations and individuals engaged in international projects and exchange programmes. If you do not find the information you need in here, you can get in touch with us by email through the addresses listed below.


    Supporting learning for children and youth who have fled Ukraine to Finland

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    Supporting learning in basic education for children and young people who have f…

    Information on the forms of support for basic education and instruction preparing for basic education.

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    Student welfare in basic education is welfare work carried out by the school an…

    Student welfare promotes the participation, well-being and safety of both individual pupils and the entire school community. To enable children and young people who have fled Ukraine to begin in basic education, a joint discussion on the school community’s operating practices is required and the practices must be reviewed if necessary.

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    Materials to support teaching pupils who have fled from Ukraine

    This page provides links to resources that can be used in teaching children and young people who have fled from Ukraine.

    Discussing the Russian attack on Ukraine with children and young people in education

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    Russia's attack on Ukraine and media content in early childhood education

    Russia's attack on Ukraine has made children in early childhood education witnesses to social media images and video footage of the war. This support material helps in backing up early education and preschool education personnel in handling content encountered by children.

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    Discussing the Russian attack on Ukraine with children and young people in educ…

    On this page, you will find support material for discussing the Ukraine crisis in ECEC and pre-primary education, basic education, general upper secondary education, vocational education and training (VET), basic education in the arts, and liberal adult education.

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    Discussing Russia's invasion of Ukraine in different subjects

    How can Russia’s invasion of Ukraine be discussed in the teaching and learning of different subjects in basic education and general upper secondary education?

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    The Russian attack on Ukraine and discussing the content in social media

    Support material that helps schools and educational institutions discuss the content children and young people come across in social media

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    Every child, young person and student has the right to a safe learning environm…

    Director General Minna Kelhä emphasises in her blog that no child, young person or student should be blamed for Russia's attack on Ukraine, regardless of their nationality or mother tongue.

    Advisory addresses

    If you cannot find what you are looking for, we ask you to be primarily in touch with us through the advisory mail addresses, which we monitor during office hours. 

    Individuals and organizations participating in international projects can contact the following sector specific addresses:

    Erasmus+ and the European Solidarity Corps   

    • Erasmus+ for higher education: erasmus.korkeakoulutus [at]
    • Erasmus+ for vocational education and training: erasmus.ammatillinen [at]
    • Erasmus+ for general education: erasmus.yleissivistava [at]
    • Erasmus+ for adult education: erasmus.aikuiskoulutus [at]
    • Erasmus+ for youth: nuoriso [at]
    • Erasmus+ Sport: Sport [at]
    • European solidarity corps: nuoriso [at]

    Other international programmes and networks:

    • Creative Europe: kulttuuri [at]
    • Europe for the Citizens: kansalaisteneurooppa [at]
    • Nordplus: nordplus [at] 
    • EDUFI-traineeships: kv-hakulomake [at]
    • EDUFI Fellowship, EDUFI Winter School and The Finnish Government Scholarship Pool: paivi.jokinen [at], tarja.makela [at], marjaana.kopperi [at] 
    • Government officials' exchange: ritva.ukkonen [at]
    • Finnish language and culture: skk [at]