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Finnish Erasmus+ projects visualised

On this website you will find the details of the Erasmus+ projects funded by the Finnish Erasmus+ National Agency (EDUFI) between 2014 and 2021.

The visualisations create an overall picture of how the Erasmus+ grants awarded in Finland are distributed. In the visualisations, you will find the projects completed in all education and training sectors, i.e. in early childhood education and care, comprehensive schools and general upper secondary education, vocational education and training, higher education and adult education, and all projects in the field of youth.

The visualisations cover the Erasmus+ project funded in Finland between 2014 and 2022. To start, please select the desired financing period from the menu on the left: either the years 2014ꟷ2020 or 2021ꟷ2027.

The information can be examined as bar graphs, maps and tables. 

You can search for information using the following classifications:

  • themes
  • sectors
  • action types in the programme
  • organisation types
  • organisations
  • regions
  • municipalities
  • year awarded

In the maps you can examine the number of awarded grants, the amounts of euros and euros per inhabitant in different regions. In addition, you can proceed from the tables and maps to the details of individual projects in the Erasmus+ project database.

Instructions for using the visualisations can be found below by clicking the blue i-icon at the right upper corner.  You can download the selected information for yourself as images, PDF documents, Excel files or vector images.