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EDUFI traineeship for higher education students and recent graduates

If you study in a higher education institution or have recently graduated from one, you can apply for a traineeship abroad through us. An EDUFI traineeship will support your studies and expand your working life know-how. We will also provide you a scholarship to help you with your traineeship. Application periods take place twice a year.

EDUFI traineeships abroad are meant for students in higher education and recently graduated higher education students. You need to meet the general application criteria to apply for an EDUFI traineeship. The criteria  includes Finnish citizenship or permanent residence in Finland. This means that if you are in Finland only for studying or other temporary reason, you are not applicable for an EDUFI traineeship position.

You need to know Finnish language in most of the placements, but there are placements in businesses and local organisations in Russia, Asia and Latin America and also in development cooperation organisations operating outside Finland where you do not have to be fluent in Finnish.

If you are not a permanent resident in Finland and study in a Finnish higher education institution, you can apply for Erasmus+ placements. For more information, please contact the international office of  your own higher education institution.