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International competences and working life

Can you take advantage of your international competences? Whether you are an employer, an internationally experienced student, a recent graduate or a civil servant – learn about opportunities to utilise your international competences here!

In a globalised world, knowing how to take advantage of international competences is important and advantageous to companies, employees and recent graduates alike. The Finnish competence development system needs to be able to train and attract professionals of a new age; people with the ability and passion to function in international interactions on a global scale. 

The acquisition of international competences, essential in both working life and society in general, can be supported in many different ways. There are also many ways to make use of these competences: enterprises can benefit from recruiting foreigners studying in or recently graduated from Finnish higher education institutions, and Finnish employees and students can use the competences they have acquired abroad to their advantage in the job market. 

Sometimes, international competences can be hidden even from a skilled person themselves. On these pages, we propose different ways to utilise your international competences.