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Mental Health in Youth Work

Mental Health in Youth Work is a long term project of the National Agencies of Erasmus+ Youth and European Solidarity Corps.
The long-term project highlights youth workers’ role in young people’s wellbeing.

The Mental Health in Youth Work project will allow youth workers and young people get in touch with wellbeing and the promotion of mental health. Over the years, the project will enable youth workers to better understand how they can view mental health as a positive resource in their own and young people’s lives.

The project aims to work on the following four focus areas:

  1. Raising awareness, normalising the concept of mental health, and promoting it as a positive resource
  2. Development of mental health literacy and competences of youth workers
  3. Enabling youth participation and peer-to-peer approach in promotion of mental health
  4. Increasing the number of projects dealing with mental health topics in the European Youth Programmes.

The project coordinator Paavo Pyykkönen tells about the Mental Health in Youth Work project.