Educational institutions and higher education institutions support internationalisation among students, issue Europass documents and guide students in the use of Europass.

Europass in use at educational institutions

The Europass documents provide the learning and teaching with a concrete international dimension that will benefit graduates in the European labour and education and training markets.

The Finnish National Agency for Education, which is the National Europass Centre in Finland, supports VET institutions and higher education institutions in matters related to Europass.

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Europass Mobility

The Europass Mobility supplement is a document recording the time periods the individual has spent for learning purposes in another European state.

Instructions for issuing the document.

Europass Certificate Supplement

The Europass Certificate Supplement provides basic information on the completed education or training and the professional qualifications and competence provided by it.

Providing the document to qualification holders.

Examples from other countries.

Europass Diploma Supplement

The Europass Diploma Supplement provides additional information on the completed degree, the higher education institution that awarded it and the education system of the country in which the diploma was awarded.

Instructions on how to issue the document for a graduate



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