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Information meeting

TFK programme's regional webinars, Call 2023

Time and location:
28.3.2023 09.00 – 10.00
Microsoft Teams -kokous
The TFK programme organises regional webinars for the programme's actual target areas as well as Ukraine (special Call for 2023). In the sessions, the specialists will give an overview on the potential cooperation patterns and aspects to take note in different target areas when planning cooperation in each target area.

Spring Forum 2023

Time and location:
3. – 5.5.2023
Aalto University, Espoo
Enrolment period:
10.3.2023 – 6.4.2023 at 23:59 o'clock
Welcome to the Spring Forum for HEIs’ international issues! The Spring Forum will take place in Espoo at Aalto University campus on 3-5 May 2023. The official programme is on 4-5 May 2023, and...
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