CARe Focus Group for Refugee Researchers

Higher education

Are you a researcher with a refugee background?

Join us to discuss the research labour market in Finland


What is the CARe project?

Career Advancement for Refugee Researchers in Europe - CARe project aims to support the labour market integration of at-risk scholars and refugee researchers in Europe by gathering information both from researchers and employers on the labour market conditions.  

What is the purpose of this focus group?

Discussion with at-risk scholars and/or refugee-background researchers on the research labour market in Finland. We will invite 5-10 researchers to discuss this topic with us. The discussion language is English.

We are interested in your experiences with employers and searching for an employment in Finland, as well as in the challenges encountered this far.

The aim of the event is to map the needs, interests and competences of refugee-background researchers and at-risk scholars that are navigating the research labour market in different European countries. 

The findings will be used for improving country specific information available on the EURAXESS portal and for analysing the current employment situation and perspectives, as well as identifying the needs for the development of support structures. 

Please kindly note, that this focus group is not a recruitment event and it does not provide support for individual employment.  However, your insights as part of project results will hopefully help to ease the labour market integration of refugee-background researchers in the future.

For whom?

We welcome:

  • at-risk scholars and/or researchers with refugee backgrounds residing in Finland
  • Researchers from PhD students to established researchers who have developed a level of independence
  • Researchers with any employment status: employed at a university, public or private sector, unemployed, or other.

How can I join?

Please register for the event by Friday 6.9.2019

You will receive confirmation with detailed information on the venue and further instructions after the registration deadline. In case there are more than ten registrations, we will choose the participants to ensure diversity of the group.

The CARe project can reimburse your travel costs to attend the focus group.

We look forward to meeting you!

More information:

We are happy to provide you with more information on the CARe project and the event!

Sini Piippo, Finnish National Agency for Education EDUFI

Registration link

Date and place

17.9.2019 12.30–16.00

Enrolment period

3.9.2019 – 6.9.2019 at 16:00 o'clock