FinCEED Forum 2-3 November 2022

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The role of Finnish actors in post-pandemic global learning - Redefining Finnish excellence in education through multistakeholder cooperation 

The Finnish Centre of Expertise in Education and Development (FinCEED) organises a national education sector development cooperation forum on 2-3 November 2022. The forum looks at the role of Finnish actors in post-pandemic global learning and seeks to find innovative ways to foster multistakeholder collaboration in education and development cooperation.  We wish to bring together Finnish experts within the education and development sector to discuss and showcase topical issues and provide matchmaking opportunities for participants to foster synergy.

The aim of the forum is to collect and identify recommendations for developing innovative multistakeholder collaboration in education sector development cooperation in post-pandemic era.

The target group consists of education sector experts interested in global education issues or already working within the field of education and development (NGOs, educational institutions, private sector representatives, public authorities etc). The seminar covers all educational levels from pre-school education to higher education and research. Geographically the seminar targets the Global South.

The forum will be live event with virtual components. The opening and closing plenaries will be streamed online and there will a virtual poster exhibition. All the materials of the forum will also be available online.

Call for session proposals

The programme is built around parallel sessions, with the aim of supporting and increasing multi-stakeholder collaboration under the five main themes of the forum. We wish to receive interactive session proposals engaging participants to find new solutions to various topics and challenges.

The main themes of the forum are:

  • Equal participation and inclusion in education
  • Mutually beneficial and sustainable partnerships
  • Pedagogically high-quality distance learning
  • Education in emergencies/crises
  • Leadership in education

The forum will be composed of 5 different kinds of sessions:

Lab debates are panel discussions fostering debate on stimulating topics in an interactive and engaging manner. Lab Debates must be interactive and avoid the show-and tell approach. Debates have a moderator and up to three speakers. (40 minutes)

Brainstorming sessions are interactive, topic-oriented sessions that enable organisers to involve the audience in proposing concrete recommendations through facilitated group-problem solving. At every level, participants and facilitators can put forward their ideas and discuss innovative solutions for chosen challenges. Session have up to 4 facilitators introducing the topic and facilitating the discussion. (40 minutes)

How to/ Ask the speaker: a short, moderated round of Q&A between the speaker and audience. A speaker explains in a very practical way how they have managed to achieve a certain outcome in their project. Ideal session introduces shortly an innovation, best practise or achievement in a very practical way and afterwards there will be a quick round of q&a. (20 minutes)

Virtual poster exhibition showcase interesting results and achievements. The participants can propose a poster presenting projects, reports, research or surveys under the five main themes of the forum. Posters can be traditional poster (in virtual pdf format) or videos, power point presentation and so on. The poster exhibition is organised virtually on an online platform.

In addition, the forum will provide facilitated matchmaking opportunities for the participants.  

The programme will also include Opening and Closing plenaries, so we also welcome suggestions for plenary session keynote speakers.

The language of the forum is English and Finnish. The Opening and Closing plenaries will be in English and you can propose session in English or Finnish. 

Session and poster proposals as well as plenary suggestions are submitted through the link below by 18 August 2022.

Registration for the event will open in September. Thank you for your session proposal and welcome to join us in the seminar!

For any further information, please contact us:
Saara Paavilainen
Niina Tenhio

Propose a session by 18 August

Date and place

Hilton Helsinki Strand , Helsinki
John Stenbergin ranta 4
00530 Helsinki