Erasmus+ Cooperation Partnerships for higher education: tips from projects to applicants

Webinar Internationalisation Education development Higher education Erasmus+ Erasmus+ for higher education

Welcome to hear the experiences of two projects and their tips on international cooperation! 

This webinar is aimed for those interested in applying for an Eramus+ Cooperation Partnership for higher education.

Webinar agenda 

Sanna-Mari Renfors, Satakunnan ammattikorkeakoulu (in Finnish)

  • Sector-specific skills development in Coastal and Maritime Tourism, SKILLS4CMT 

Emmanuel Acquah, Åbo Akademi (in English)

  • Inclusion through mediation, INCLUDE ME 

  • Designing and supporting inclusive practices in Higher Education, Inclusive HE 

Questions for projects and also more generally concerning the application round 


This event will be partly in Finnish and partly in English. Questions can be asked in both languages.

Please register latest on 5 February 2023. Link to participate will be sent to registered participants before the event.

Presentation materials will be available on this page after the event. The webinar will not be recorded. 

Date and place

7.2.2023 14.00 – 15.00

Enrolment period

23.12.2022 – 5.2.2023 at 23:59 o'clock


Presentation materials