Higher Education Partnership (HEP) Programme: online webinar for applicants - technical instructions and the budget

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The new Higher Education Partnership (HEP) programme supports cooperation between Finnish higher education institutions (HEIs) and higher education institutions in partner countries to jointly strengthen and develop higher education through joint projects in the latter.

The cooperation projects develop and strengthen the methodological, pedagogical, and administrative capacities of higher education institutions in developing countries.

This information webinar for applicants, will focus especially on the financial issues and how to prepare a project budget. Technical instructions how to use the online application system will also be explained shortly.

We ask that you send as many questions as possible in advance, either via the registration form or by e-mail to hei.ici [at] oph.fi.

The webinar will be recorded. The recording can be found on the program's website within about a week of organizing the webinar.

Registration link

Date and place

14.3.2023 14.00 – 15.00

Enrolment period

8.3.2023 – 14.3.2023 at 14:00 o'clock