The Europass Mobility supplement is a European document. The knowledge and skills acquired by the individual during a period of learning in another European country will be recorded in the document.

Provision of the Europass Mobility document

The Europass Mobility document is issued by the educational institution. Individual persons cannot themselves submit an application for Europass Mobility.

If the education provider is the sending party, i.e. the party sending the learner abroad for the mobility period, it is in charge of issuing the document to the learner.

If the education provider is the receiving party, i.e. the party hosting the learner, the provider will agree about the use of Europass Mobility with the sending party.

Preconditions for enabling Europass Mobility

The period completed in the other country must be within the scope of the education or training provided in the learner’s country of origin.

  1. The organisation responsible for providing the education or training in the country of origin (the sending organisation) must draw up a written agreement on the content, objectives and duration of the European learning period together with the host organisation. In addition, it must ensure that the learner receives the language training required and appoint a mentor in the host country who will help, guide, supervise and give the required information to the learner. A copy of the agreement must be submitted to the Finnish National Agency for Education on request.
  2. Both participating countries must be members of the EU or the EEA/EFTA.
  3. The sending organisation and the host organisation cooperate to ensure that the outgoing learner is given appropriate information on occupational health and safety, labour legislation, equality and other labour regulations applied in the host country.

Education provider’s obligations

  • The education provider has the obligation to ensure that the learning period is completed within one of the general or vocational programmes of the European community or meets the quality criteria listed above.
  • The education provider must agree with the host organisation in writing on the purpose, objectives and content of the mobility period, the use of Europass Mobility and the languages used to complete the Europass Mobility document.
  • The Europass Mobility document is official only when it has been given a specifying identifier. Each document is given a separate number. The educational institution must create a practice for the numbering of the Europass Mobility documents and number the documents appropriately.

How do you start to use Europass Mobility?

The Europass Mobility can be taken into use by filling in the document template available in the Europass portal for each person participating in mobility. Click to the Technical support: Document templates for the Europass Mobility >>

If you need a password to the Technical support, please contact us.

Instructions for the educational institution

  • Instructions for Finnish educational institutions: 

Instructions for drawing up the Europass Mobility document (pdf, 178.71 KB)