Finnish HEIs involved in 24 Erasmus+ capacity building projects developing higher education

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Erasmus+ Capacity Building for Higher Education projects are multilateral higher education development projects supporting the capacity development of higher education in Partner Countries. Finnish higher education institutions have been actively participating in projects in all target regions, but especially in Asia.

In the Call for Proposals 2020 the European Commission granted in total 162 M€ for the action. There was a lot of interest towards the call, and in total 1032 proposals were submitted. This is 22% more than in the previous call. 164 projects were selected for funding. 22 of the selected projects are Structural Projects aiming at national level reforms and 142 are Joint Projects focusing on institutional level development.

Finnish higher education institutions are involved in 24 projects, of which in six as the coordinating institution. These projects are targeting various Partner Country regions in Asia, Latin America, Africa as well as in the Eastern and Southern neighborhoods of the EU. Projects represent various academic fields and topics, with several focusing on climate change mitigation measures as well as on health sector.

The selected projects coordinated from Finland are:

  • Developing Teachers´ and Nursing Students´ Competencies in Digital Nursing, Tampere University of Applied Sciences, partner countries El Salvador and Mexico
  • Entrepreneurial skills for a modern education in Albania. University of Turku, partner country Albania   
  • Forests, Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation: Higher Education Cooperation in Mekong Region, University of Helsinki, partner countries Laos and Thailand
  • 21st Century Climate-Smart Forestry Education for Livelihoods and Sustainability in South Africa, Häme University of Applied Sciences, partner country South Africa
  • Strengthening expertise and bioinformatics to control antimicrobial resistance in West Africa, University of Helsinki, partner countries Benin and Burkina Faso
  • Multilevel Local, Nation- and Regionwide Education and Training in Climate Services, Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation, University of Helsinki, partner country Ukraine

In addition to the projects coordinated from Finland, Finnish higher education institutions are involved as a partner in projects targeting for example Iran, Indonesia and Uzbekistan. 

All selected projects with Finnish partner institutions on EDUFI website:

All selected projects on the EACEA website:

Capacity Building for Higher Education will be included also in the next Erasmus+ programme 2021-2027. Funding for the action can be applied next time in 2022.