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The new updated version of Europass was launched first of July 2020. The familiar Europass Mobility, qualification supplements and CV templates are still available, but the new Europass is offering even more new tools for users.
Europassi Tietokone

Education institutions’ tasks

Despite the update education institutions are still issuing credentials and supplements for students and graduates. Finnish National Agency of Education is offering support for education institutions and there is material free of charge available for teaching and information provision.

Europass Mobility and qualification supplements

The issuing of the Europass Mobility in Finland is now easier than ever. Europass Mobility templates can be found from the Europass-portal without password. You can find instructions for issuing the document from the website of the  National Agency of Education.

Diploma Supplements and Certificate Supplements are issued as before. The instructions for issuing them are also available in the website of the Finnish National Agency of Education.

Website of Finnish National Agency of Education updated

In our refreshed website there is information supporting education. You can find information and support from:   There are also useful articles and news at the end of the front page.

Education institutions can guide students to use the Europass-portal. Portal offers possibilities to manage ones education and career and Europass can, for example, be included into working life studies. 

Developing the best version of Europass

Europass is constantly developing. The feedback from end-users and education institutions is important. There is also co-operation with other European countries and stakeholders to develop Europass further.

For information on the development work and to  join the project, visit our project page.

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