School premises in Finland closed to prevent the spread of coronavirus

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Update 30.3.2020:

The Government announced on March 30 that among other measures, restrictions on early childhood education, teaching and education and training will be extended by one month until 13 May at different levels of education. At the same time, preparations will be made for extending the exceptional arrangements in education until the end of term, if this is deemed necessary for containing the epidemic.

See the government press release in full.



School premises in Finland are closed in order to help prevent the spread of coronavirus.

This concerns basic education from grade 4 to 9, general upper secondary schools and vocational schools throughout the country.  Pupils in grades 1-3 in basic education may go to school, but parents are strongly urged to keep their children home whenever possible.

Children with official decisions concerning special support as well as students enrolled in extended compulsory education can also attend school.

Schools continue to provide distance learning

Schools arrange tuition for pupils and students by using distance learning. You will find more information on the web sites of the municipalities as well as on the web sites of individual schools.

Early childhood education and care centres stay open but parents are asked to keep their children home whenever possible.

EDUFI supports schools coping with the situation

The Finnish National Agency for Education is supporting schools by providing support materials and instructions to schools on how to work under these exceptional circumstances. We have also opened an information service, where education providers and schools can ask questions they may have.

A summary of the key points will also be available in English on this site (see link below). This page is updated as the situation develops.