Acquaint yourself with Erasmus+ projects funded in Finland between 2014 and 2020

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Would you be interested to know the amount of Erasmus+ funding awarded to your municipality? Or what kind of Erasmus+ projects have the schools in your area carried out? Now you can view this kind of information in one place as the information on Erasmus+ projects funded between 2014 and 2020 and the funding awarded in Finland have been compiled on the EDUFI website.
A pie chart describing the amount of Erasmus + funding granted in Finland in 2014-2020

The visualisations create an overall picture of how the Erasmus+ grants funded by the EU and awarded in Finland are distributed.

In the visualisations, you will find the projects awarded in all education and training sectors, i.e., in early childhood education and care, comprehensive schools and general upper secondary education, vocational education and training, higher education and adult education, and all projects in the field of youth. The visualisation database includes learning mobility (KA1), strategic partnerships (KA2) and support for policy reform in the field of youth (KA3). 

The information can be found in a visualised form on the page. The information can be examined as bar graphs, maps and tables. 

In total, more than EUR 245 million in Erasmus+ funding was granted in Finland between 2014 and 2020. In addition, the European Commission has allocated funding directly to certain Erasmus+ actions in which many Finnish organisations have also participated. The funding granted by the commission to Finnish actors does not appear in the visualisation data. 

How to use the visualisation page

There is a great variety of information to be found on visualisation. You can search for information by organisations, municipalities, regions, actions, sectors, themes or the year awarded.

“You can search for, for example, all projects that have promoted sustainability, projects that have supported active citizenship in the field of youth or higher education projects funded in 2016”, shares Anita Varsa, the education counsellor for impact issues in the Erasmus+ programme.

In the maps, you can examine the number of awarded grants, the amounts of euros and euros per inhabitant in different regions, which may be of interest to municipal decision-makers. The visualisation shows that, for example, among the Finnish provinces, Northern Savonia has received the most Erasmus+ funding per inhabitant in Finland.

Map of Finland, amount of Erasmus+ funding per inhabitant has been marked with different colours
To display this information in the Map section of the visualisation, select “€ / inhabitant” as the map unit and “Region” in the Map section. Click on the different regions to get a list of projects that have taken place in the area in question. By clicking on the name of the project, you can proceed to detailed project information.

In addition, you can proceed from the tables and maps to the details of individual projects in the Erasmus+ project database. Thus, if you are interested, you may learn more about the content of a particular project or the organisations involved in it.

The visualisation page works best on a computer. You can download the selected information for yourself as images, PDF documents, Excel files or vector images. The page is also available in Swedish and English; the language of its text can be changed in the upper right corner of the page.

“The visualisation page is made for our customers, so feel free to search for information and try on the different data filters”, encourages Varsa.