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43 390 applicants to higher education programmes in the autumn joint application

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43 390 applicants participated in the autumn joint application to programmes starting in January 2023. This is 9 060 more than in the corresponding joint application last autumn. There were over 9 500 study places available in 315 study programmes offered mostly by universities of applied sciences.
Tutkintovienti avautuu kaikille ammatillisen koulutuksen järjestäjille.

The autumn joint application to higher education ended on Wednesday 14 September. 292 of the 135 available study programmes in the joint application were in universities of applied sciences (UAS). 98 % of the applicants only applied to universities of applied sciences, 1 % only applied to university studies and 1 % to both university and UAS programmes. The most popular fields by number of applicants were business, administration and law, health and welfare as well as information communication technologies (ICT).  

Applicants could select six applications options on the application form, and the average number of study programmed applied to was 2,7 per applicant.

Most of the study programmes available were Bachelor’s level studies, and there were 37 430 applicants to these study programmers. In addition to this, 6 990 participants applied to available Master’s level studies in both universities and universities of applied sciences.

Admission results published in the end of November at the latest

During the next few months, higher education institutions inspect applications and organize entrance exams. The first results of the autumn joint application will be published in October, and all results will be published on the 26th of November 2022 at the latest.

Applicants who are offered admission will be automatically informed via e-mail.