Digital Skills Throughout Life

The new Europass Digital Skills Self-Assessment (DigiSAT) tool helps users to find out the level of their digital skills through self-assessment.
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Support to understanding skills

The tool supports you to understand what digital skills consist of – and what skills you have. The tool puts your digital skills into a context and helps you to determine the level you are on. 

The tool takes you through the five areas of digital skills (from the European Digital Competence Framework). You go through each competence area by answering to questions - and get a result of your skills level;


  1. Information and data literacy
  2. Communication and collaboration
  3. Digital content creation
  4. Safety
  5. Problem solving

After completing the test, you will be able to add your digital skills to the Europass profile or a CV. Don’t miss the chance to highlight your digital skills!

Empowering and motivating

The Digi-SAT helps you to understand the scope and level of your digital skills: all that you are already able to do - and how to describe it. It also helps get motivated to learn more when you see the full picture of what digital skills are consisted of – and how you compare.

Tips for further education

The test allows you to explore learning paths that help you understand which digital skills you should focus on and guide you on how to improve them to reach your goal.

After completing the test, you can also in the future get matching suggestions of courses and learning opportunities based on your test results.

Try it out today

You can access the online test here:

More information on the Digital Skills and Jobs Platform

More information on the European Digital Competence Framework

We are also happy to hear feedback on how you like the test and how we could make it even better.