Do you come across issues related to migrants and higher education in your work? SIMHE services are there to support you

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SIMHE HEIs on the map.
SIMHE HEIs on the map

Do you come across issues related to migrants and higher education in your work? The ten SIMHE higher education institutions (Supporting Immigrants in Higher Education) operating in Finland resolve issues related to migrants’ and asylum seekers’ higher education.

The aim of the SIMHE work is to spread good practices and models nationally. The objective of the SIMHE services is to streamline the identification and recognition of the prior learning of highly educated migrants and those with a foreign background as well as to facilitate their access to higher education, completion of degrees and employment in the Finnish labour market at the national and regional levels.

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Knowing about the SIMHE services can be useful for those working in guidance services as well as staff members of higher education institutions, TE Offices and reception services.

Videos and webinars on the SIMHE services have been produced to help those to whose work this theme is relevant to learn more about the services. Two SIMHE webinars are available to provide more general information about the SIMHE services. Each webinar also has a special focus on a selected theme. The theme of the first SIMHE webinar on 15 October 2021 was good guidance practices. The second one held on 19 August 2022 took a closer look at preparatory studies for higher education.