Increase in EDUFI research and master’s studies grants from 1.1.2023 onwards

Programmes Higher education Research grants Scholar Rescue Fund
EDUFI offers scholarships for providing initial funding for foreign PhD students to carry out research for a doctoral thesis in Finland and for researchers and students at foreign universities for research and master’s studies of Finnish language and culture at a Finnish university.
Through our scholarship programmes, we support the internationalisation of research by forging links and encouraging academic mobility between institutions of higher education in Finland and abroad as well as scholars coming from crisis areas to continue their work in safety.

The previous grant increase was made for grants starting in 2015. Research and master's grants have lagged behind the general development. The current inflation trend also puts pressure on the increase.

The decision applies to applications that are submitted on 1.1.2023 at the earliest. The grants that have been applied before 1.1.2023 will remain on the previous level even if the grant period would start or continue in 2023.

The increase applies to the following programmes:

  • EDUFI Fellowship for foreign doctoral students                                    1900 €/kk (before 1 500€)
  • EDUFI Fellowship for doctoral students from Ukraine                         1900 €/kk (before 1 500€)
  • IIE-Scholar Rescue Fund -programme for young researchers
    coming from crisis areas                                                                            1900 €/kk (before 1 500€)
  • Scholarships for post-graduates and researchers of
    Finnish language                                                                                         1900 €/kk (before 1 500€)
  • Post-graduate and research scholarships for kindred peoples          1900 €/kk (before 1 500€)
  • Scholarships to Master's level students of Finnish language               1000 €/kk (before 800€)
  • Master's level scholarships for kindred peoples                                    1000 €/kk (before 800€)     

Read more about the programs on our website below. You can also find contact information for each program on the program pages.