Supporting the digitalisation of the Diploma Supplement

New support material available for higher education institutions interested in digital Diploma Supplements.
Kuva palapelin palasta, jossa lukee support.

The Aiding Digital Diploma Supplement Usage and Promotion (ADDS UP) project has completed its work and produced a training module, associated guidance, and a survey stock take report. There are many benefits to issuing the (Europass) Diploma Supplement digitally. The project aimed to support higher education institutions to issue the document automatically, digitally, free of charge and in a major European language to every graduate.  

The aim of the material package is to inspire and provide information to higher education institutions that are thinking of digitalising their documents and are interested to learn more.

The project produced:
- a training module
- associated guidance
- and a survey stock take report

You can find more information and the materials here.

The project was financed by Erasmus+ and led by Ecctis, in partnership with the following organisations:

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