Webinar series on recognition of qualifications

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On Tuesday 21 November 2023, the webinar will focus on general information about recognition of qualifications.
Kuvassa opiskelijoita koetilanteessa.

The hour-long webinars offer general information on the recognition of qualifications. There is also time for questions and discussion. 

The webinars are held on Teams. No prior enrollment is required.  The Teams link to the next webinar will be updated on this webpage.

The focus group for the webinars is those who need information on recognition of qualifications and the services of the Finnish National Agency for Education, for example those who work as guidance professionals or with admissions to higher education.

Upcoming webinars

21.11. at 2pm Yleistä tutkintojen tunnustamisesta (in Finnish) Teams link

Previous webinars

5.9. at 2pm Yleistä tutkintojen tunnustamisesta (in Finnish) 

12.9. at 10am Recognition of qualifications (in English) 

3.10. at 10am Recognition of qualifications in the fields of teaching and early childhood education and care (in English)

24.10. at 10am Varhaiskasvatusalan tutkintojen tunnustaminen (in Finnish)

31.10. at 10am Opetusalan tutkintojen tunnustaminen (in Finnish)

7.11. at 9am Tietoa ja vinkkejä tiedon hakemiseen ulkomaisista koulutusjärjestelmistä (in Finnish)

For more information, please contact us by email at recognition(a)