Here you will find descriptions and quick instructions of how to complete all exercises. Good luck!
Juliste 9

The activity consists of 3 parts.

Part 1: Introduction to the EU Youth Strategy

  • You will study the 11 youth values of the EU Youth Strategy with the help of posters.
  • The facilitator will explain how to do the exercise.

Part 2: Me and the strategy

  • You will learn about the values of the Youth Strategy from your own perspective and the perspective of your community and the whole society.
  • The facilitator will explain how to do the exercises.

Part 3: Youth voices and the youth strategy as a game

  • All participants are split to teams as guided by the facilitator.
  • Take a game location marker position with your team. You will find the figure of your game character there.
  • Go to the homepage of the character you have selected. Each character has their own short link: | | | |
  • Listen to the welcome words of your game character and their story.
  • Get to know your character by reading their information card.
  • Make sure you have a pen and paper.
  • The game starts with exercise 1 and progresses in numerical order.
  • You will find the instructions for the game and how it progresses from the homepage of your selected character.
  • There is a recommended duration for each exercise. Make sure your team sticks to the time given. Select a person to keep track of the time in your team.
  • Ask the facilitator for help and advice.