At this stage, participants work with the posters. The aim is to familiarise them with the 11 youth values of the EU Youth Strategy.
Juliste 2


  • Make a display of the posters.
  • If making a display is not possible, be prepared to project the posters from a computer.


  • To get an overview of the 11 youth values of the EU Youth Strategy.
  • To get an overall picture of the EU Youth Strategy.
  • To orientate the group to working together.
  • To get to know each other if participants don’t know each other from before.
  • To pique participants’ interest.

Working and exercise (10-15 minutes)

  1. Ask participants to walk around the display and study the posters. They will get more information about the values and the strategy from the attachment describing the youth values.
  2. After this exercise, ask participants to go to the poster that appeals to or interests them the most. Ask them to make as detailed observations about it as possible. Each participant should select their favourite individually, based on their personal feelings about the visual presentation, theme, value, its familiarity or foreignness.
  3. Divide the group into pairs: person A and person B.
  • Person A will present the poster they selected to B who stands with their back towards the poster.
  • Person A will describe the poster to B, making observations about its visual design, atmosphere, the feelings it raises, their personal relationship to the topic and other things.  They will tell why they selected just this poster.
  • Person B will present the poster they selected to A following the same principle. 


  • An easy way to create a nice atmosphere for the joint exercises is to have some music. If you wish, you could play some light instrumental background music.