In the human sculpture exercise, participants can examine values at personal or organisation level in pairs.
Juliste 6
  • recommended time 10-15 minutes

The human sculptures exercise is a great choice if you want to study the values in an active way. During the exercise, participants can examine the values at personal or organisation level.

In this exercise done in pairs, participants form a picture-/sculpture-like effect or a frozen moment with their bodies. The idea is to display the value with their bodies. They can choose to show a value that is being realised or one that is not. As the facilitator, you decide from which perspective you want to examine the value.

The exercise is done in pairs and two pairs will then analyse it together.


  1. Pairs are formed for the exercise.
  2. The facilitator discusses the values with the pairs. A value to be worked on will be selected with the help of the facilitator.
  3. Pairs form the human sculpture showing in a concrete way how the value works or doesn’t work.
  4. The pair forms a team with another pair.
  5. Both pairs show their human sculptures.
  6. Pairs discuss the thoughts that the sculptures have raised.