During the SWOT analysis, participants reflect on their organisations in relation to the value they selected in part 1, studying the posters.
Juliste 5
  • recommended time 10-15 minutes

In the SWOT analysis, the value is examined in a quadrant matrix. SWOT comes from the words Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. The quadrant matrix allows you to analyse the realisation of the value from four different perspectives.


You can also do the exercise in small groups. In this case, it is better to reserve more time for the exercise.


  1. Participants select a value that they worked on in part 1, studying the posters.
  2. Participants draw a quadrant matrix as below.
  3. Participants assess realisation of the value and its opportunities and threats in relation to their organisation and work independently. You will find supporting questions in the below table.


  • In which kinds of situations does the value manifest itself well?
  • What strengths does your organisation possess in relation to realisation of the value?


  • What are the weaknesses of your organisation in relation to the value?
  • What is lacking from your organisation or work?


  • What opportunities does realising the value bring to your organisation?



  • What threats does your organisation face if the value is not realised?
  • What threats are there if the value is realised?