With the help of the value circle, participants can compare the values of the youth strategy to their own and find out which values mean the most to them.
Juliste 4
  • recommended time approx. 15-20 minutes

While doing the exercise, participants reflect on their own relationship to the values of the strategy. The exercise can also be done from the point of view of an organisation. However, it is best to focus on individual reflection first and move on to the organisation level after.

Listening to one’s intuition is important in the value circle exercise. Participants should make their minds quickly, trusting their first instinct. Participants use their unconscious knowledge when they make quick decisions, avoiding unnecessary analysis.


It takes some time to prepare the value circle. To speed things up, you could ask participants to play with the values without the circle. This works well in situations when all the values are easily visible to all.


  1. Draw a circle with a diameter of approx. 7-10 cm on a paper. Mark 11 points at even intervals on its circumference.

  2. Participants will write the titles of the values next to the points outside the circle extending out as rays of the sun. They can find the titles online or on the posters. The inside of the circle should remain empty without any text, because participants will continue the exercise within the circle.

  3. Participants start working on the values by selecting 2 values of the Youth Strategy. They will draw a line between the two values and think which of them means more to them. The decision should be made instantly, trusting their intuition.

  4. Participants will keep track by marking the value more meaningful to them with a tick.

  5. Participants go through each value, always keeping track of the more meaningful value by marking it with a tick. The lines drawn inside the circle will form a shape resembling a pentagram.

  6. As a result of the exercise, participants will find out if any of the values will get more ticks than another. And if any of the values remain without ticks.