European tools and services help recognition of competence. They are beneficial when applying for school or work and when one needs to consider their skills and goals for studying or working. Employers and education institutes can also use the tools and services in many ways.

Frameworks of Qualifications

Frameworks of qualifications help comparing degrees and their levels in different countries. They describe what a graduate of a degree, qualification or a competence module knows, understands and is capable of. It helps employers to estimate the suitability of a degree for a task. Competence is described in a manner agreed in European cooperation.

More information about frameworks of qualifications here.


Competence acquired abroad

If a person has studied abroad and applies for studies or a job in Finland, their competence or qualification needs to be recognized. The decisions to recognize competence acquired abroad will be made by different operators depending on where the qualifications will be utilized.

Europass can be used to ease the recognition of qualifications. Europass Mobility and attachments of qualifications, for example, are useful tools in the recognition process.

Europass Mobility

Europass Mobility is a document that shows the dates a person has spent on a particular mobility experience in Europe. Both the sending and receiving partners (e.g., school, organization, workplace) fill the necessary documents together to provide an official mobility certificate for the applicant.

Find more info on the web page of the Finnish National Agency of Education here.

Europass Certificate Supplement

Europass Certificate Supplement is a document provided by a vocational institution. It contains additional information about the certificate and the content of the studies. The supplement contains information about the certificate in a standard form and helps the employer or the educational institution abroad to evaluate the professional competence and skills of the qualification holder.

Find more info on the web page of the Finnish National Agency of Education here.

Europass Diploma Supplement

Europass Diploma Supplement is a document which provides information on the qualification and the method of completing it. It may contain information about the level of the degree, the institution, and the content of the studies. The supplement is provided by the higher education institution.

Find more info on the website of the Finnish National Agency for Education here.


Other services related to recognition of qualifications:

Euroguidance supports the internationalization of guidance practitioners. The service is directed to education, training, and guidance systems in the EU and EEA member states and candidate countries. More into about Euroguidance here.

Eurodesk is a European youth information network which raises awareness on European opportunities and encourages young people to become active citizens. More info about Eurodesk here.


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