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European SALTO Digital Resource Centre

SALTO Digital Resource Centre is a knowledge hub between policy and practice. The Centre is focused on digitalisation in education and training and youth in Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps  programmes and the promotion of the EU strategies related to the theme, such as the Digital Education Action Plan 2021–2027.

The Resource Centre supports the National Agencies of all programme countries. The Centre also works in direct cooperation with the European Commission. SALTO Digital is a cross-sectoral resource centre in the fields of education and youth.

School education Early childhood education
Primary education
General education
Vocational education  
Adult education Non-vocational adult education
General adult education
Higher education  


SALTO Digital Resource Centre covers all fields of the Erasmus+ Programme and, in line with the Digital Education Action Plan and key policy documents for youth, supports the implementation of the digital dimension as an overarching priority in the Erasmus and European Solidarity Corps Programmes. It is continuously raising the quality of digital education and digital aspects in the field of youth. It also acts as an evidence-based knowledge hub and channels knowledge in the area of its mandate into programme and policy development. 

Key responsibilities on SALTO Digital are: 

  • Raising the quality and impact of projects and activities of the European programmes, focusing on the digital priorities.
  • Helping to optimise the implementation, monitoring and follow-up of digital education and Youth priorities as defined in the Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps programmes.
  • Playing a key role in guiding the National Agencies on analysis and impact evaluation of projects focusing on the digital priorities of the programmes, which would also feed into policy and stakeholder fora and in particular the European Digital Education Hub.

The focus areas of SALTO Digital include digital skills of young people and adults, digital pedagogy, digital competence of teachers and personnel, digital and virtual cooperation, and virtual exchanges in EU programmes. In addition, the focus includes the influence of new technologies on education, working life, and the wider society, as well as the promotion of programming skills (computational thinking), AI skills and the STEM/STEAM subjects with the help of EU programmes. SALTO Digital also has a strong emphasis on twin transition and fostering a citizen participation in governance processes related to digitalisation. 


Video: What is SALTO Digital?