Visitors from companies open an international perspective to business studies education

Ten years ago, the UEF Business School started to invite visitors from companies to diversify the education. It soon became established activity and offers an interesting addition to the studies every year.

“The project involved more work than expected, but was genuinely effective”

An international study module lasting one term and an international intensive study module were developed for Karelia University of Applied Sciences in Erasmus+ projects. “The projects were genuinely effective and meaningful,” says Liisa Timonen, Head of International Affairs.

“Finland has a lot of things money cannot buy” – a year as an exchange student made Finland a second home country for Lejla Cardzic

Metal music fan Lejla Cardzic came to Finland as an exchange student and fell in love with the country. Lejla currently works as a mechanical engineer in Jyväskylä and her relationship with her new home country has become true love.

International cooperation provides new ideas for the teaching and learning of nursing

Although the clients of health care today know more about their health than they used to, healthcare professionals are needed to guide them in finding the right information, using the equipment and applying the information in practice. Thanks to the DigiNurse model and the DigiNurse community, future healthcare professionals gain new capabilities for the digital guidance of patients.

Student exchange led to long-term cooperation

After a successful Erasmus+ student exchange in Finland, Irène Charbonneau stayed on as an Erasmus+ trainee planning, collecting and analysing students’ feedback on the university’s online course. The teacher responsible for the course was Professor Elina Lehtomäki. Although the course has ended, the successful cooperation between Charbonneau and Lehtomäki still continues.

Student mobility also opens Europe for students with families

During their Erasmus+ exchanges, Miikka Kurunlahti and Vappu Väisänen learned that family life is possible for students abroad as well as at home.

International projects provide new tools to geography teaching

The cooperation carried out by the University of Eastern Finland in the development of teaching has produced international pilot courses and new teaching content. It has also opened wider European prospects to teachers and students alike.

Experiences: From Egypt to Jyväskylä

Egyptian Mohamed Hamdi studied in Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences for four months as part of the Erasmus+ programme. The exchange was an educational experience in many ways.

Experiences: Exchange in JAMK made me stay in Finland for good

My name is Lejla Cardzic. I come from Bosnia and Herzegovina. But now I live and work in Finland. I have graduated, as a Mechanical Engineer, a year ago. During my study exchange period in JAMK in 2017, I fell in love with the country and decided to look for work and stay.
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