Future skills for future teachers

In eTwinning, it is also possible for teacher students to learn essential future skills: project planning and guidance, international interaction, teamwork and an inclusive teaching approach. With these skills, they will be able to work in international teaching, education and research networks.

Across the sea and by land – Star of Europe awaits

Ulla Pötsönen reports from her journey on the European railways to the international Star of Europe training in Prague. She has a lot of experience in travelling by land and with her diary also wants to encourage others to try more ecological and experiential modes of transport. With that in mind, she promised to share with us her best tips for travelling more slowly – welcome on board ships, trains and propeller planes with Ulla Pötsönen!

An offer too good to miss – upper secondary school students on exchanges

Granholm got interested in exchanges after taking part in a joint Erasmus + project of Svenska Privatskolan i Uleåborg and Laanila General Upper Secondary School, which also had participants from...

Organising long mobility periods inspires general upper secondary school teachers

All it takes now is a young person brave enough to seize the opportunity and make their dream come true. All other necessary support and encouragement will be provided by the school and Erasmus. How...

Visitors from companies open an international perspective to business studies education

Ten years ago, the UEF Business School started to invite visitors from companies to diversify the education. It soon became established activity and offers an interesting addition to the studies every year.

“The project involved more work than expected, but was genuinely effective”

An international study module lasting one term and an international intensive study module were developed for Karelia University of Applied Sciences in Erasmus+ projects. “The projects were genuinely effective and meaningful,” says Liisa Timonen, Head of International Affairs.

Things change when they are changed

A story about how a small wish to improve the life of children and young people with disabilities through a physically active hobby can lead to changes across Europe.

“Finland has a lot of things money cannot buy” – a year as an exchange student made Finland a second home country for Lejla Cardzic

Metal music fan Lejla Cardzic came to Finland as an exchange student and fell in love with the country. Lejla currently works as a mechanical engineer in Jyväskylä and her relationship with her new home country has become true love.

From sports coach to life skills coach

With an Erasmus+ Sport grant, people at FIMU were trained to solve problems, both big and small. The main goal of the project was to use grassroots physical activity and sports to promote social inclusion and school motivation among children and young people at risk of social exclusion.

International cooperation provides new ideas for the teaching and learning of nursing

Although the clients of health care today know more about their health than they used to, healthcare professionals are needed to guide them in finding the right information, using the equipment and applying the information in practice. Thanks to the DigiNurse model and the DigiNurse community, future healthcare professionals gain new capabilities for the digital guidance of patients.
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