New Finnish Higher Education Institutions Join Erasmus+ European Universities Alliances

In the 2024 call, the new Finnish higher education institutions that received funding are Laurea University of Applied Sciences, Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences, Tampere University of Applied...

Nearly EUR 21.8 Million in EU Grants for Finnish Higher Education Institutions' Intra-European Mobility in Erasmus+ Programme

The 2024 Erasmus+ programme's grant for intra-European mobility has been awarded to Finnish higher education institutions. This year, the institutions received a total of EUR 21,794,105 in EU funding, which is over EUR 2.7 million, approximately 14% more than last year.

Mari Mattsson: “You have to live and dream, even if you have children with special needs”

During her classroom teacher studies Mari Mattsson went abroad to Spain to do her teaching traineeship with the help of Erasmus+ inclusion support.

Spring Forum for Higher Education International Affairs in Seinäjoki addressed the current state and future outlook of internationalisation

The 2024 Spring Forum took place in sunny South Ostrobothnia, on the campus of Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences. The event brought together over 400 colleagues and stakeholders involved in higher education internationalisation from across Finland.

Direction for the career from SIMHE guidance – A journalist and an administrative worker gained new ideas from career guidance

SIMHE guidance helps highly educated immigrants in Finland to integrate into society. This often happens through training and employment, like in the case of Anna Jarovaja and Elodie Magnier.

The Scholar Rescue Fund brings scholars threatened or persecuted in their home country to Finland

The first Finnish universities to host SRF scholars – the University of Turku, the University of Helsinki and Aalto University – have carried out pioneering work in welcoming scholars from conflict...

Number of higher education students’ mobility periods abroad not as high as during peak years – universities and universities of applied sciences developing in different directions in terms of mobility

In 2023, higher education students in Finland completed a total of just over 10,000 mobility periods abroad, counting both long-term and short-term periods. Compared to the previous year, the total number of mobility periods completed increased by 21%, or 1,750 periods. The data was collected by Vipunen – Education Statistics Finland.

Erasmus+ Alliances for Innovation funding supports 17 Finnish organisations

In the 2023 application round, a record 37 projects were funded at the European level. Finland's participation includes a wide range of actors: higher education institutions, vocational education and training institutions, organisations, companies, and a wellbeing services county.

From Tanzania and Turkey to teach in Finland – holders of a higher education degree in education received help with bureaucracy from SIMHE services

Highly educated people moving to Finland often do not know how to have their degree recognised so that they could look for work in their own field. The SIMHE services have helped ECEC and mathematics teachers to find employment in the field of education.

From Ukraine to Finland to work in the field of medicine – SIMHE services helped a doctor and a dentist find employment

Surgeon Rashid Khan learned the Finnish language in Ukraine and found work with the help of the SIMHE training. Dentist Iryna Daniuk in turn came to Finland and SIMHE helped her to get the documents ready and the studies under way.
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