Recognition of foreign qualifications in Finland

If you have completed a qualification abroad, you may need a decision on recognition of your qualification to be able to study or work in Finland. In most cases, the employer, educational...

Recognition and international comparability of qualifications

Recognition of qualifications refers to a decision on the eligibility that foreign qualifications provide when applying for a job or study place. In Finland, recognition decisions are made by authorities, educational establishments, higher education institutions and employers.

HEI ICI Programme

The Higher Education Institutions Institutional Cooperation Instrument (HEI ICI) supports cooperation projects between higher education institutions in Finland and the developing world that are designed to enhance higher education provision in these countries. The projects support the higher education institutions in developing their subject-specific, methodological, educational and administrative capacities. Finland’s Ministry for Foreign Affairs provides funding for the programme through its development cooperation funds. The Finnish National Agency for Education (EDUFI) administrates the programme.

Over 23 000 applicants to higher education institutions’ English-taught study programmes and art study programmes

A record number of applicants participated in this spring’s first joint application to higher education: the number is approx. 3000 more than the number of applicants in the corresponding joint application last spring. There are also more study places available. The application included English-taught study programmes, studies offered by the University of the Arts and the theatre study programme at Tampere University.


Contact information for the Finnish National Agency for Education, our services and independent units.

#ErasmusDays 15.-17.10.2020

ErasmusDays is a three-day event spreading information across Europe about experiences and lessons learnt in the education, training, youth and sport projects that are part of the Erasmus+ programme. All organisations and individuals who have been involved in projects or exchanges can organise an event of their own and register it as part of the ErasmusDays event.

UNESCO Associated Schools Network – ASPnet

The UNESCO Associated Schools Network (ASPnet) unites students, teachers and educational institutions across the world around a common goal: “to build peaceful and sustainable societies in the minds of children and young people”. The aim of the worldwide UNESCO Associated Schools Network is to promote intercultural dialogue, peace, sustainable development, and quality education in a world of increased complexity and interdependence. ASPnet members support UNESCO’s mission and translate its global goals into teaching, learning and action.

Summer courses in Finnish language and culture in Finland

Courses on Finnish language and culture for students of Finnish in foreign universities

Summer courses in Finnish language and culture 2021

Summer courses in Finnish language and culture available to students of Finnish language in universities outside Finland.

Erasmus+ in Finland

Erasmus+ enriching lives, opening minds! Erasmus+ is the European Union's programme to support education, training, youth and sport in Europe.
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