Information for recipients of the Finnish National Agency for Education’s decision on the recognition of a degree or the comparability of a degree

The purpose of the Finnish National Agency for Education’s decision is to prove eligibility for a post or position for which there is a qualification requirement based on law. The qualification...


Contact information for the Finnish National Agency for Education, our services and independent units.

Information about EDUFI traineeships

You can apply for an EDUFI traineeship abroad if you are a Finnish citizen or reside in Finland permanently. You need to be a student in higher education or newly qualified to apply for these positions. The application period for the traineeship takes place twice a year.

EDUFI traineeship for higher education students and recent graduates

If you study in a higher education institution or have recently graduated from one, you can apply for a traineeship abroad through us. An EDUFI traineeship will support your studies and expand your working life know-how. We will also provide you a scholarship to help you with your traineeship. Application periods take place twice a year.


Instructions regarding coronavirus for ongoing projects in Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps programmes

Current instructions related to the Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps programmes have been compiled on this page.

Logos and communication instructions for Erasmus+ projects

Your work in the Erasmus+ is important and you should also let others know about it. Well-planned and implemented communications speed up launching your project, promote the dissemination of experiences and good practices, improve the visibility and awareness of the project and those carrying it out, help you find new partners, and bring EU programmes closer to citizens.

Admission offered to over 6000 applicants to higher education institutions’ English-taught study programmes and art study programmes

The selection in the joint application consisted of programmes offered in English and programmes offered by the University of the Arts and the theatre study programme at Tampere University. Compared...

Contact information: Finnish National Agency for Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps programmes

Contact information for Finnish Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps National Agency

TFK programme

The purpose of the Team Finland Knowledge programme is to create and strengthen cooperation between Finnish higher education institutions and the target regions and countries selected to the TFK network, and to design new operating models for cooperation. The programme funds educational cooperation between higher education institutions through cooperation and mobility projects.
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