ErasmusDays is a three-day event spreading information across Europe about experiences and lessons learnt in the education, training, youth and sport projects that are part of the Erasmus+ programme. This year, the event will be organised between 14 and 16 October 2021. All organisations and individuals who have been involved in projects or exchanges can organise an event of their own and register it as part of the ErasmusDays event.

What is the Erasmus+ programme?

Erasmus+ is the European Union’s programme for education, training, youth and sport.

Recognition of professional qualifications gained within the EU/EEA

If you hold professional qualifications from another EU/EEA member state or Switzerland, and you are an EU/EEA or Swiss citizen, you can apply for recognition of professional qualifications. Learn more here!

Higher education institutions supporting immigrants

These pages contain information on the support measures for immigrants provided by higher education institutions. The role of the Finnish National Agency for Education is to share information on different activities. The Finnish National Agency for Education also provides support through different programmes.

Contact us - Erasmus+ for Higher Education

Erasmus+ for higher education team helps you in all questions related to higher education sector's Erasmus+ management.

Information about EDUFI traineeships

You can apply for an EDUFI traineeship abroad if you are a Finnish citizen or reside in Finland permanently. You need to be a student in higher education or newly qualified to apply for these positions. The application period for the traineeship takes place twice a year.

SIMHE services at higher education institutions

Questions related to the higher education of immigrants and asylum seekers are especially discussed in the higher education institutions responsible for SIMHE services (Supporting Immigrants in Higher Education in Finland), supported by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

Creative Europe programme 2021-2027

Luova Eurooppa (2021-2027) on EU:n rahoitusohjelma, joka tarjoaa kulttuurin, luovien alojen ja audiovisuaalisen alan organisaatioille ja ammattilaisille mahdollisuuksia eurooppalaiseen yhteistyöhön ja toiminnan kehittämiseen. Ohjelman budjetti seitsemälle vuodelle on 2,4 miljardia euroa. Ohjelmassa on kolme osiota — Kulttuurin ja Median alaohjelmat sekä monialainen toimintalinja — joista näiden alojen ja uutismedian toimijat voivat hakea rahoitusta vuosittaisilla hakukierroksilla.

Course for kindred peoples in Russia

The course for kindred peoples is meant for students of Finnish in universities in the Finno-Ugric regions of Russia. Students of Finno-Ugric languages or Finnish in Finnish universities may apply to work as teachers on the course.

Finnish National Agency for Education promotes the mobility of students’ achievement records in the Nordic and Baltic countries

Using the EMREX service, achievement records can be transferred in a machine-readable format between higher education institutions and other data users nationally and cross borders. In Norway, for...
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