Strategic Partnerships

The Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships improve the internationalisation and quality of higher education. They are need-based and goal-oriented projects which can further develop innovative practices, materials as well as tools for teaching and learning. The projects can also improve the labour market relevance of higher education.

Europass Diploma Supplement - information for higher education institutions

Europass Diploma Supplement The Europass Diploma Supplement describes the nature, background, level, content and status of the studies completed by the holder of the supplement. It is a personal...

Issuing a Europass Mobility document

Provision of the Europass Mobility document The Europass Mobility document is issued by the educational institution. Individual persons cannot themselves submit an application for Europass Mobility...

Europass Mobility

The Europass Mobility supplement is a European document. The knowledge and skills acquired by the individual during a period of learning in another European country will be recorded in the document...

Information on the Europass Certificate Supplement

The supplement provides information on: the content of the studies and the vocational skills provided by them the level of the qualification and the method of completing it the professional...

Information materials

Organisations, schools and education institutions and our collaborative partners can order free information and promotion materials on Europass.

FIRST+ -programme

The FIRST+ programme (Finnish–Russian Student and Teacher Exchange Programme) promotes collaboration of higher education institutions in Finland and Russia. The programme supports student and teacher mobility between Finnish and Russian higher education institutions and the organisation of joint intensive courses in Russia. The programme is funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture and the Finnish National Agency for Education.

HEI ICI programme - for applicants

Detailed information on the application process for the HEI ICI programme.

The service guide for the recognition of qualifications

Step by step guide to assist you, when you need a decision or information about the eligibility your degree provides in Finland, when you apply for work or a study place.
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