Professional Qualifications Directive

The Finnish National Agency for Education functions as the national assistance centre for the recognition of professional qualifications. The assistance centre provides information about...

UNESCO Associated Schools Network – ASPnet

The UNESCO Associated Schools Network (ASPnet) unites students, teachers and educational institutions across the world around a common goal: “to build peaceful and sustainable societies in the minds of children and young people”. The aim of the worldwide UNESCO Associated Schools Network is to promote intercultural dialogue, peace, sustainable development, and quality education in a world of increased complexity and interdependence. ASPnet members support UNESCO’s mission and translate its global goals into teaching, learning and action.

New national core curriculum for basic education: focus on school culture and integrative approach

The national core curriculum for basic education has been reformed. The core curriculum provides a common direction and basis for renewing school education and instruction.

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Erasmus+ for higher education team helps you in all questions related to higher education sector's Erasmus+ management. You can contact us at erasmus [at]!


EDUFI Winter School for Russian and Ukrainian post-graduate students

EDUFI organises a winter school, a one-week cross-disciplinary seminar, in cooperation with Finnish universities every year. Winter schools can build foundations for future cooperation and many participants have continued to work with Finnish research teams.

Finnish language and culture studies in universities outside Finland

The Finnish National Agency for Education offers support for Finnish language and culture studies to universities, teachers, students, and postgraduates.

Scholar Rescue Fund

The Scholar Rescue Fund (SRF) programme offers scholars threatened or persecuted in their home country the chance to continue their work in a safe environment. The programme is established by the U.S. Institute of International Education (IIE) and Finnish National Agency for Education coordinates and co-funds the programme in Finland.

Universities outside Finland in which you can study Finnish language and culture

A list of universities in our network offering Finnish language and culture teaching, of which there are over 80 universities in almost 30 countries at the moment.

Contact information: Finnish National Agency for Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps programmes

Contact information for Finnish Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps National Agency
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