Information on Ukrainian war refugees in ECEC, education and training in Finland

The Finnish National Agency for Education follows the number of children, youth and adults who have fled Ukraine in Finnish ECEC, education and training. Developments in the numbers and the effect of the situation on education and training providers is followed through the KOSKI and VARDA databases as well as surveys for providers of ECEC, basic education, general upper secondary education and VET.

Demonstrating your language proficiency when applying for Finnish citizenship

On this page, you can read more about using the YKI-test for your Finnish citizenship application. The Finnish National Agency for Education organises the YKI-tests, but the Finnish Immigration Service is responsible for the citizenship applications.

Authorised translators

An authorised translator is an expert who has the right to carry out authorised translations of public documents. An authorised translation maintains the legal force of the original document and is used as a tool for example in legal proceedings etc.

Without guidance

In 2016, when I first took up the role as a Guidance Counselor in a reputed college in Nepal, I had no idea what lay ahead for me. When I was in school, I had no one to support me in my career...

European Universities

Participants in the Erasmus+ programme’s European Universities Initiative develop high-quality education, research and innovations and promote mobility. The university networks engage in close and ambitious cooperation. The goal of the initiative is to promote fact-based economy, employment and welfare in Europe.

Centre of Expertise in Education and Development FinCEED

The Centre of Expertise in Education and Development at EDUFI provides expertise for solving the global learning crisis. The Centre of Expertise aims at pooling Finnish capacity and expertise in education and development; facilitating deployment of education-sector expertise for the use of developing countries and multilateral actors; and supporting partner countries’ efforts in offering equitable and inclusive quality education

Hidden Competences

Hidden Competences is a research project carried out in cooperation with the Nordic think tank Demos Helsinki. This page presents the key results of the survey carried out in the project and provides tips for making use of your international competences.

Linguistic and cultural diversity and richness in eTwinning

eTwinning activities bring diversity to education. In addition, cooperation increases the variety of languages and provides education with linguistic richness. In addition to the European Union Member...

A normal, safe everyday life provides a good foundation for crisis resilience

Early childhood education and care, teaching and training play an important role in developing and maintaining the mental crisis resilience of children and young people. The opportunity to discuss matters safely together and to gain reliable information strengthens the trust of children and young people as well as their experience of inclusion and sense of community. In the education and training sector, a lack of crisis resilience may manifest itself as learning and well-being gaps among learners and as a decrease in the well-being of staff.

The Organisation of the Finnish National Agency for Education

The organisation and leadership of the Finnish National Agency for Education.
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