Information about the Teacher Educators in Higher Education as Catalysts for Inclusive Practices in Technical and Vocational Education (TECIP) project


Information about the Improving Capacity, Quality and Access of Geoinformatics Teaching, Research and Daily Application in Taita Taveta County, Kenya (TAITAGIS) project


Information about the Sustainable Management of Natural Resources in Mozambique (SuMNatuRe) project


Information about the Strengthening Human Rights Research and Education in Sub-Saharan Africa (SHUREA) project


Information about the Native Crops for Innovative and Sustainable Food Futures in Peru and Colombia (PECOLO) project

PBL East Africa

Information about the Strengthening Problem-Based Education in East African Universities (PBL East Africa) project


Information about the Partnership for Forestry Higher Education Cooperation in Mekong Region (PARFORM) project


Information about the MARIBILIS project: Improving Maritime Education of Namibia with Double Degree Program of Maritime Engineering and with the Integration of R/V MIRABILIS as a Living Lab


Information about the Building Institutional Capacity in Leadership and Management of Ethiopian Universities (LMEU) project


Information about the Kenya-Finland Education and Research Alliance (KENFIN-EDURA) project: Building Higher Education and Research Capacity to Address the Physical Activity and Nutrition Transition in Kenya
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