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Erasmus+ for Higher Education

Erasmus+ for Higher Education supports international cooperation between higher education institutions and international mobility of their students, teachers and other staff. Additionally, the programme promotes the quality and internationalisation of higher education.

Early childhood education and care professions

The Finnish National Agency for Education issues decision for the following ECEC positions: • teacher (early childhood education and care) • social pedagogue (early childhood education and care) •...

Erasmus+ for Higher Education: New programme 2021-2027

On this page you can find relevant links and information regarding the new Erasmus+ programme.

Professional Qualifications Directive

The Finnish National Agency for Education functions as the national assistance centre for the recognition of professional qualifications. The assistance centre provides information about...

Statistics on international mobility periods of higher education students in Finland 2018

In this brochure you can find statistics on international mobility periods of higher education students in Finland 2018. The data is from the Vipunen reporting portal. During the mobility period the...


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Generation Study Abroad

Generation Study Abroad (GSA) is an initiative of the American Institute of International Education (IIE), which aims to double the number of American students completing a part of their higher education degree abroad by 2020.

Children first - Designing sustainable early childhood education 4-7 May 2020

Dear Friends and Colleagues, we are pleased to invite you to our international ECEC conference. Over the past few years, ECEC has been developed very actively in Finland. New legislation, curriculum-based development work and active Finnish research in ECEC have attracted huge interest abroad.
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