Erasmus+ Key Action 3: Support to policy development and cooperation (KA3)

Key Action 3 supports policy cooperation at the level of the European Union, thus promoting the development of new policies to start modernisation and reforms in education, training, youth and sport at the level of the Union and systems.

Erasmus+ Vocational Education and Training, Higher Education and General Education: The deadline for applications under the Erasmus+ Teacher Academies action is 7 September 2021

The Erasmus+ Teacher Academies action supports the development of teacher education in European cooperation.

Erasmus+ Vocational Education and Training and Higher Education: The deadline for applications under Alliances for Innovation is 7 September 2021

Erasmus+ Alliances for Innovation improve Europe's innovation capacity through strategic cooperation of higher education, vocational education and training, and companies.

What are the actions of the Erasmus+ programme?

The goals set for Erasmus+ are achieved with the help of the Key Actions. All grants and actions in the Erasmus+ programme have been organised under Key Actions.

Organisation of Finnish National Agency for Education

The organisation and leadership of the Finnish National Agency for Education.

Creative Europe 2021-2027

Creative Europe is the only EU programme that specifically targets cultural, creative and audiovisual sectors and operators from all over Europe. Funding is provided for projects and activities with a European dimension. The new Creative Europe programme is set to run from 2021–2027. National Agency for Education (EDUFI) hosts the Creative Europe Desk Culture in Finland. The Creative Europe Desk Media is hosted by The Finnish Film Institute.

Examination days and test centres

National language proficiency tests (YKI) are held in a number of locations across Finland. The test dates are listed on this page. If you wish to take the test, you should register directly to a test centre by the registration deadline.

International mobility: instructions for entry to Finland as of 7 June 2021

The instructions of the Finnish Border Guard to passengers regarding entry to Finland during COVID-19 pandemic have been updated. The instructions are valid as of 7 June 2021 and will continue until 27 June 2021.

Recognition and international comparability of qualifications

Recognition of qualifications refers to a decision on the eligibility that foreign qualifications provide when applying for a job or study place. In Finland, recognition decisions are made by authorities, educational establishments, higher education institutions and employers.

Posts in ECEC: supplementing studies and the final decision

In Finnish National Agency for Education’s decision, the higher education studies you have completed abroad have been recognised as comparable to the degree or the studies required for the posts of...
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