Finnish teachers and principals in figures

The report provides an overview of and sheds light on Finnish teachers and their work from the international perspective. It provides the reader with a statistical overview of teachers in Finland and includes contextual information to help readers understand and interpret the statistics. The report draws on the Teachers and Principals in Finland 2016 report and international statistics.

Capacity Building for Higher Education (CBHE) projects

Capacity Building projects in the field of higher education in the Erasmus+ Programme support the modernisation, accessibility and internationalisation of higher education in Partner Countries outside the EU.

Finland as a strong actor in the global learning crisis - a national education sector development cooperation seminar 26.-27.11.2019

A national education sector development cooperation seminar will be held in November 2019, with a focus on solving the global learning crisis and identifying successful multi-stakeholder collaboration models.

Mobility of VET students

Finnish National Agency for Education collects and publishes annually statistics on mobility of students and staff in vocational education. Data collection concerns all students and staff who study or work among vocational upper secondary qualification.

Mobility of teachers and other staff

Mobility of pupils and students

Finnish National Agency for Education collects annually mobility statistics of pupils in basic education and students in general upper secondary education. Pupils in basic education do study visits abroad etc. Students in general upper secondary education go to short-term study visits or to exchange student periods that last at least one semester.

Liberal adult education

Liberal adult education institutions offer grassroots education and continuous learning to all citizens nationwide in Finland. The aim of liberal adult education is to promote social cohesion, equality and active citizenship. The aim is also to support the well-being and versatile development of the citizens.

Finnish 15-year-olds still among top performers in reading literacy but growing proportion of low performers needs addressing

OECD’s PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment) survey again ranked Finnish 15-year-olds among top performers in reading literacy in OECD countries. This time the focus in the PISA2018 survey, held every three years, was on reading literacy. Compared with 2015, Finnish pupils’ mathematical literacy also remained unchanged, but performance in science literacy declined. Differentiation between students is being addressed with national programmes such as the national literacy forum and a survey of boys' learning challenges

Study material and magazines for universities outside Finland

Universities outside Finland can apply for financial support from the Finnish National Agency for Education (EDUFI) to acquire Finnish study material and subscribe to magazines to support their teaching of Finnish language and culture.

Erasmus+ Higher Education: application period for Jean Monnet Activities ends 20.2.2020

Jean Monnet supports teaching and research related to the European Union. The activities are open for higher education institutions as well as organisations and associations working in the field of higher education worldwide.
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