Information for recipients of a recognition decision: early childhood education personnel

The qualification requirements for posts in ECEC have been specified in the Act on early childhood education and care (540/2018). Finnish National Agency for Education's decision provides eligibility...

Innovation Centre ceases to operate – Finnish National Agency for Education continues to support experimental development

Over its four years of operation, the most important task of the Innovation Centre was to support the development of ECEC and education providers’ operating culture and the creation of innovations...

Teachers: completion of supplementing studies and application for a final decision

In the Finnish National Agency for Education’s decision, the higher education studies you have completed abroad have been recognised as comparable to one or several of the following: teacher's...

Register for a national language proficiency test (YKI)

When registering for a national language proficiency test (YKI), please start by searching a test centre.

What is Erasmus+ for Higher Education 2021–2027?

The Erasmus programme is a key actor contributing to internationalisation in higher education: over a period of more than 30 years, it has enabled more than 90,000 Finnish students to complete a...

European mobility for higher education 2021–2027 – general information

During the periods abroad, participants will be exposed to different views, knowledge, teaching and research methods, and work practices in their field of study. During the exchange, they can improve...

Erasmus+ Teacher Academies action

The Erasmus+ Teacher Academies action supports the development of teacher education in European cooperation.

Peer Review

Standards and guidelines for national and European peer review systems in vocational education and training.
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