Information about the processing of personal data

1. Data controller The Finnish National Agency for Education (Opetushallitus) P.O. Box 380, 00531 Helsinki, Finland. kirjaamo(at), opetushallitus(at), +358 29 533 1000 (switchboard) Head...

EU Professional Qualifications Directive

The Finnish National Agency for Education functions as the national assistance centre for the recognition of professional qualifications. The assistance centre provides information about...

Countries participating in the Erasmus+ programme

Erasmus+ programme is open to EU member state countries and certain countries outside the EU, such as Turkey, Norway and Iceland. In addition to these, partner countries neighbouring the EU can participate if criteria and conditions are met. Outside these, many other partner countries around the world can also participate in Erasmus+ centralized projects.

Erasmus+ for Higher Education

Erasmus+ for Higher Education supports international cooperation between higher education institutions and international mobility of their students, teachers and other staff. Additionally, the programme promotes the quality and internationalisation of higher education.

Statements on Finnish qualifications

The Finnish National Agency for Education issues advisory statements on Finnish qualifications for international use. Statements can be issued on completed qualifications which are governed by the...

Advisory statements on vocational qualifications completed abroad

If you have completed a vocational qualification abroad, you can apply for an advisory statement from the Finnish National Agency for Education. On this page we tell you how you can do this.

Organisation of Finnish National Agency for Education

The organisation and leadership of the Finnish National Agency for Education.

What is Erasmus+ for vocational education and training?

The Erasmus+ programme supports mobility periods and international cooperation projects for vocational education and training (VET) students and staff. The programme provides everyone with versatile and equal opportunities for studying and working abroad. Participating enables you to advance your professional competence, see different cultures and create networks.

What is Erasmus+ Youth in Action?

Erasmus+ Youth in Action provides young people, youth workers, and organisations focused on youth work an opportunity for internationalisation, exchanging thoughts and ideas, and collaboration. Learn new things by participating.

What is Erasmus+ Sport for sports and physical activity?

The Sport Chapter in the Erasmus+ programme encourages sport and physical activity organisations to collaborate across Europe. Erasmus + Sport projects help you strengthen your organisation's international networks, provide you with a new perspective on your work, and allow you to learn from the best practices of others and develop new methods and operating models.
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