EDUFI encourages everybody to go on exchange

Internationalisation is for everybody! Finnish National Agency for Education (EDUFI) has published stories of two students who received a special needs grant for their exchange period.

Experiences: Exchange in JAMK made me stay in Finland for good

My name is Lejla Cardzic. I come from Bosnia and Herzegovina. But now I live and work in Finland. I have graduated, as a Mechanical Engineer, a year ago. During my study exchange period in JAMK in 2017, I fell in love with the country and decided to look for work and stay.

National core curriculum for ECEC in a nutshell

The early childhood education and care is guided by the Act on Early Childhood Education and Care and the National core curriculum for ECEC (2018), which is a national norm. The ECEC providers shall prepare the local curricula for ECEC based on the National core curriculum for early childhood education and care. ECEC providers are mostly municipal providers (84 %).

What is early childhood education and care?

All children under school-age have a subjective right to early childhood education and care (ECEC). The parents of the child decide whether or not their child participates in ECEC. Parents have several options to choose from: ECEC centres, family day care or for example clubs or playground activities.

Early childhood education and care in Finland

Early childhood education and care (ECEC) is part of the Finnish education system and an important stage on the child’s path of growing and learning. ECEC lays a foundation for lifelong learning. The Finnish ECEC is based on an integrated approach to care, education and teaching, the so-called “educare” model, with particular emphasis on pedagogy.

Enquiries about the Finnish education system

On this page we have gathered information on the Finnish education system for international audiences.

New national core curriculum for basic education: focus on school culture and integrative approach

The national core curriculum for basic education has been reformed. The core curriculum provides a common direction and basis for renewing school education and instruction.

Recognition of professional qualifications gained within the EU/EEA

If you hold professional qualifications from another EU/EEA member state or Switzerland, and you are an EU/EEA or Swiss citizen, you can apply for recognition of professional qualifications. Learn more here!

In a crisis, the safety of the students and the support offered by the schools are paramount

In early October 2019 Finland was shaken by a violent incident at Savo Vocational College in Kuopio. Schools in Finland are supporting pupils and students cope with what has happened. As part of student welfare plan, schools have to prepare a crisis plan and offer psychosocial support to students in a crisis situation. It is important to anticipate different situations, prepare plans on how to act, and to train for these situations regularly. EDUFI supports education providers by information and advice, and by providing materials and training related to security issues.

Special Needs Grant in Higher Education Exchange Programmes

Students or higher education staff with a disability may be eligible for additional financial support to help them take part in international exchange or internship. This support will be in addition to a mobility grant.
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