International mobility at higher education institutions is gradually getting back to normal

Compared to the year before, the volume of international mobility at higher education institutions is set to increase in autumn semester 2021. This is one of the findings of a survey addressed by the...

Countries participating in the Erasmus+ programme

Erasmus+ programme countries include all member states of the EU and certain countries outside the EU, such as Turkey, Norway and Iceland. In addition to these, many other countries around the world can also participate in certain Erasmus+ projects if criteria and conditions are met.

Statistics on Erasmus+ for Higher Education

On this page you will find statistics on the participation of Finns in Erasmus+ mobility and European Erasmus+ statistics on mobility and projects.

Priorities for Erasmus+ and the European Solidarity Corps programmes

The 2021-2027 Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps programmes aim in particular to promote inclusion and diversity, digitalisation, environmental responsibility and active citizenship.

Forms and know-how of virtual internationalisation in secondary education in Finland in 2021

In autumn 2020, Finnish National Agency for Education conducted a survey where educational institutions’ capabilities for virtual international activities were investigated. This survey was repeated...

MPASSid membership agreements

Find the templates for the MPASSid membership agreement as well as instructions for the implementation of the service.

MPASSid – Identification service for continual learning

MPASSid enables single sign-on access to compatible digital services used in teaching and learning. A user ID given by the education provider, the local authority, is used to sign in and there is no...

Information on recognition of qualifications for guidance purposes

The Finnish National Agency for Education advises education providers, higher education institutions and other stakeholders on questions concerning academic and professional recognition of qualifications. On this page, you can find guidance material on recognition of qualifications and information about foreign systems of education to support your guidance work.

Alliances for Innovation

Erasmus+ Alliances for Innovation improve Europe's innovation capacity through strategic cooperation of higher education, vocational education and training, and companies.

Finnish National Agency for Education Services

The Finnish National Agency for Education is responsible for the recognition of foreign qualifications and national certificates of language proficiency. We also offer services to the different sectors of education, citizens and visitors.
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