Finland as a strong actor in the global learning crisis - a national education sector development cooperation seminar 26.-27.11.2019

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4.11.2019 – 11.11.2019 at 23:59 o'clock
Welcome to a national education sector development cooperation seminar 26.-27.11.2019! The Finnish National Agency for Education EDUFI, The Ministry of Education and Culture, the Ministry for Foreign...

The Essence of play

Play and playful learning have been in media for past decade as an example of the excellence of Finnish early childhood education and as a notion of the nature of Nordic education. In the Children first - Designing sustainable early childhood education conference play and playful pedagogy are considered as an essential aspect of adapting and alterable learning cultures to face the challenges of future.

Basic Education

The objective of basic education in Finland is to support pupils’ growth towards humanity and ethically responsible membership of society and to provide them with the knowledge and skills needed in life. Basic education encompasses nine years and caters for all those between 7 and 16 years.

Facts and figures on general upper secondary education in Finland

This brochure gives an overview of Finnish general upper secondary education. Did you know that in Finnish general upper secondary education 2017: - 51% of all 16-year-olds began general upper secondary education - half of the students studying the advanced syllabus in mathematics were women

Organisation of Finnish National Agency for Education

The organisation and leadership of the Finnish National Agency for Education.

Key figures on vocational education and training in Finland

The mission of vocational education and training in Finland is to provide high-quality and relevant education and training for all learners, be they young school leavers or adults. Continuous efforts are made to raise national standards of vocational competence, to foster the skills required in the workplace, provide learners with the prerequisites for continuous learning and maintain vocational education and training as an attractive option. This report gives and overview of Finnish VET and provides information on the structure and contents of vocational education and training: on student and teaching staff numbers: on the course of VET studies; and on transition from VET to further education and work. This report describes the Finnish VET system in the light of basic statistical data including comparisons at a general level with OECD countries and the situation in the other Nordic countries and Estonia. Here you can find a brochure Finnish VET in Facts and Figures

Guidance counselling in basic education

Guidance counselling is of key importance from the viewpoint of the pupils, school, and society alike. The guidance forms a continuum that extends throughout the pupil’s years in basic education to subsequent studies.

Countries participating in the Erasmus+ programme

Erasmus+ programme is open to EU member state countries and certain countries outside the EU, such as Turkey, Norway and Iceland. In addition to these, partner countries neighbouring the EU can participate if criteria and conditions are met. Outside these, many other partner countries around the world can also participate in Erasmus+ centralized projects.

Children first - Designing sustainable early childhood education 4-7 May 2020

Dear Friends and Colleagues, we are pleased to invite you to our international ECEC conference. Over the past few years, ECEC has been developed very actively in Finland. New legislation, curriculum-based development work and active Finnish research in ECEC have attracted huge interest abroad.
Information meeting

Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees: Webinar for applicants

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10.12.2019 09.00–12.00
Are you applying for an Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree (EMJMD) in the 2020 call? Join our webinar where you'll learn about the action and get tips for writing a successful application! Contents...
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