Finnish National Agency for Education Services

The Finnish National Agency for Education is responsible for the recognition of foreign qualifications and national certificates of language proficiency. We also offer services to the different sectors of education, citizens and visitors.

I would like to visit the National Agency for Education, how do I proceed?

Please check here for more information about how to visit us. If you would like to visit schools, please contact the schools or the monicipality directly.

Where/How can I do the National Certificate of Language Profiency?

Please visit here for more information about the test and all the practicalities involved.

How do I get a scholarship to Finland?

More information about possible scholarships can be found at Studyinfinland

I want to study in a Finnish university, how do I get admission?

Please visit Studyinfinland for more general information about studying in a Finnish higher education institution. Information about applying and admission is available in Studyinfo

I am interested in attending general upper secondary education (or vocational education) in Finland, how do I proceed?

Usually the admission to upper secondary level education in Finland takes place annually in joint admission from mid- February to early. With the exception of IB-programmes and a couple of English...

How do I get my child to early education or primary and lower secondary education?

In Finland, we have a very decentralised system and municipalities – as providers of education – as well schools and educational institutions have high level of independency. . We recommend you...

Where can I find the national core curriculum?

More information about curricula: Early childhood education The curriculum for early childhood education can be accessed here Pre-primary education The Finnish version for pre-primary education can be...

Can I access a Finnish school textbooks online?

Finland does not have a centralised learning material system and there is no inspection of learning materials. Learning materials are mostly produced by commercial publishers. The Finnish National...

How can I find some information about education in Finland?

For a detailed description of the Finnish education system, please visit the Eurydice (European Commission) website:…...
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