Letter of consent for the verification of degree

Download the letter of consent below. Fill in the letter and sign it in handwriting. Return the form in electronic format by attaching it to your application in the section where you have attached...

The national reference point for quality management project 2021–2023

The EQAVET NRP project is a project funded by the European Commission for the period 2021–2023. The project develops practices for the implementation of quality assurance in VET in line with the...

MPASSid membership agreements

Find the templates for the MPASSid membership agreement as well as instructions for the implementation of the service.

Glossary of digital terms for young children

The Glossary of digital terms for young children is a collection of words and images and their explanations. The glossary is aimed at supporting the development of digital competence of young children...

Webinar series on recognition of qualifications continues in fall 2023

The hour-long webinars offer general information on the recognition of qualifications. There is also time for questions and discussion. The webinars are held either in Finnish or English. Some of the...

Finnish language and culture studies in universities outside Finland

The Finnish National Agency for Education offers support for Finnish language and culture studies to universities, teachers, students, and postgraduates.

The summer course for beginning literary translators

The Finnish Literature Exchange FILI and we organise a summer course for beginning literary translators in Finland, meant for students and recent graduates of Finnish language and culture in universities outside Finland.

Recognition of Finnish qualifications abroad

When applying for a job or studies abroad, a competent authority, employer of higher education institution in the receiving country will assess your Finnish qualification. The Finnish National Agency...

Recognition of qualifications

Recognition of qualifications refers to a decision on the eligibility that foreign qualifications provide when applying for a job or study place. In Finland, recognition decisions are made by authorities, educational establishments, higher education institutions and employers.

Selecting the right YKI test, the test days

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